Saturday, March 19, 2011

The big 0-6!

Happy Birthday Lil' Man.  He's a big 0-6 today!  How fast are the years flying by??   Per Lil' Man's request we celebrated his special day with Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, Sushi for lunch and Spaghetti for dinner.

I think he was so tired of me taking pics of him at this point. He he he. I can just see it in his face. He's thinking "hurry it up old lady and move along so I can eat my cupcake..."

The cupcakes were from Wegmans. If anyone has a Wegmans near them and have yet to taste their cakes/cupcakes, do it! They are so good! We always get all of our birthday cakes from there, they usually have all the themes the kiddos are into and they are cheap to boot!

Nom Nom Nom

DQ was too full to eat cupcakes when I was taking pictures so I couldn't get one of her scarfing hers down, but rest assured she did it justice.

~ Happy Birthday Lil' Man ~
I love my family!

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