Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Projects....Part 1

Spring symbolizes a fresh start, a new beginning, a rebirth.... and spring cleaning.  Call me weird, but I LOVE spring cleaning!  Cold winter weather slows me down, makes me lethargic and lazy and as a result projects start to pile up and lists start to get made.  Spring-time projects and lists.  You know the list: organize closets, make a pile of clothes for goodwill, paint laundry room, basement and upstairs hallway, build a raised veggie bed, make curtains for basement, replace the carpet downstairs.... oh wait, that's my list.   There's nothing like being cooped up in a germy house for months on end to truly come to terms with all that needs to be done.   I see little baby buds on my trees and dandelions poking out of the ground of my neighbors yard, so open up your windows because it's time to get started!!

I've decided that my first major spring time project is going to be making curtains for the basement.  We've been in our home for 6 years now and the basement still feels unfinished.  Besides needing new carpeting and a good paint job, we're missing curtains down there.  Nothing makes a home feel more cozy than curtains.  At least to me.  And since curtains are the cheapest and easiest of all the projects that need to be done in the basement... I'll start there.  Actually, I'll start in the laundry room down there.  Small baby steps, right?

I've picked out a beautiful damask fabric for my curtains (thanks Saima - your wedding theme inspired me):

And here is the bare, stark area that I'll be working on. We'll call it my canvas:

I'll post a tutorial and pics as I work on this. Wish me luck!!

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