Sunday, March 27, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

I just have to share these pics because the difference in reaction to a sparkler between lil' man and his cousin J is so funny. We celebrated lil man's 6th birthday party yesterday with all of our family.  Instead of getting a regular candle for him to blow out, we got him a sparkler to shake it up a bit.  Fun, right?  Yes, for his 4 year-old cousin J.  But apparently sparklers are beneath 6 year olds.  It *almost* looks like he is crying here, but between you and me, I think this is his attempt at trying to look "cool" and nonchalant (and do I see a hint of embarrassment here as well?).   Oh goodness. Do they really start this young?

And of course I have to share pics of Alina at the party yesterday wearing the fabric rosette headband I made for her:

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