Monday, March 28, 2011

Sewing Sunday - Curtains and Smelly Sachets

I spent the majority of Sunday in front of my sewing machine.  I started off the morning making my curtains for the laundry room (yea baby!!) and finished up the afternoon making lavender sachets for our drawers.  I did take some tutorial pics on how I made my curtains and I'll upload those as soon as I can hang up my curtains.  First, I need to get the deep pleat tape I ordered online since I like to hang my curtains on rings, not on the rod directly.   I have to tell you, the curtains came out really nice - much better than I was hoping for.  I loved being able to choose the fabric I wanted  and I loved being able to add a liner to keep out the cold/heat without paying an arm and a leg for something "custom."  Keep checking back to see how I did. I should have the pics uploaded in about a week :).  I may even throw in another surprise there...

I love the smell of Lavender almost as much I love the smell of Roses - mmmmmm mmmmm - so, I really enjoyed making my latest project: Lavender Drawer Sachets.

organic dried lavender...yummy

I only made 7?
I hate the smell of clothes that sit in drawers. They get that drawer-y smell. All of my workout clothes smell that way.  Drawer-y.  They come out of the laundry smelling Tide and Downy fresh, then they sit in the drawers and suck up that drawer smell. Yuck.  A few weeks (or was it months...) ago I ordered Organic Dried Lavender from a fellow Etsian just to combat this problem. You'll be proud to know that yesterday I finally got my butt in gear and started on making those magic little pillows of smelly goodness.  Started being the key word.  I think I made 7 sachets.  I'm sure we have over 40 drawers in our house that need a sachet(!!!!!).  If anyone is looking for me, you'll find me hunched over my sewing machine and dried lavender...for the next month.
cute little paisley lavender sachets

I used scrap fabric lying around my house and stuffed each sachet with about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of dried organic lavender.  I wanted to make sure I didn't have an overpowering knock-you-off-your-feet lavender smell permeating through the drawers, just a subtle smell of lavender in the clothing.  The entire room smelled soooo good while I was making these.  Did I mention I *love* the way lavender smells?  As soon as I was done, I put a sachet in the drawer that holds my t-shirts and other workout clothing.  You see I have Pilates on Wednesday morning and I'm bound and determined to smell lavender, not drawer, fresh....

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  1. I love lavendar as well. If only I knew how to use the sewing machine....I think I would love to try this project as well!