Monday, March 14, 2011

Time to Get the Garden Started!

Hello my pretties!

I think we over did it with the seeds and plants.  Who knew home depot could be so exciting for three little munchkins?  DQ (aka Drama Queen, aka our 7 year old) picked out a strawberry plant and raspberries and a few seeds packets.  Lil Man (our 5.98 year old - birthday coming up! - picked out a strawberry plant, blackberries and a watermelon seed packet.  Princess (our 2 year old) picked out - yep you guessed it - a strawberry plant and grapes.  Apparently you can never have too many strawberries.  

CD (my hubby) is the gardening expert, not I.   He grew up on a piece of property with land where they grew their own veggies, fruits and I even think they had chickens for farm fresh eggs. Yum.  I'm a suburban girl myself and, unfortunately, I've got a black thumb.  I kill every plant that has ever had the misfortune to know me.  But this year I'm determined and motivated to get a garden going, keep it alive, and even eat some home grown goodies in the process.  

The dilemma: we've got a small backyard and, thus, a limited place to grow these bad boys in a semi- organized fashion. 

The answer: Raised Veggie Beds!!!!!!!  He he he (sorry honey, I'll help this time I promise!)


  1. Even though we have a big yard and a big garden, i would SO love raised beds so I didn't have to do so much kneeling, bending, squating and other contortions associated with weeding afore mentioned big garden. I love that you let the kiddos get involved- great way to show them where food comes from!

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