Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Under Your Stairs?

I often dream of having lots of storage. In our cozy home with three kids under the age of 8, often our house is cluttered from one side to the other with toys and clothes and other odds and ends.  Add to that my mess of entertaining platters, bowls and serving utensils, crafting projects, jewelry making supplies, and sprinkle in a bit of CD's books galore and camping/fishing/hiking gear and I find myself wishing we had more space.  Between us, our garage is our storage space. Not very pretty and not very practical.  Since moving is out of the question, I've been dreaming of ways to make better use of the space we already have.  I've found a few beautiful ideas for under our stairwells.  Now, if only I could find someone to do it for free...

I want this in our basement. We have a bench, so we're already sorta kinda half way there, right?

I want this in my entry way.  So understated!  I could stuff all the kids sports stuff here, or jackets and shoes since we have no coat closet upstairs.  You'd never know what kind of goodies lurked inside. Love it!

Do I really need to explain why I need this?

This isn't storage, but I'm so in love with it. I have a boat/ship obsession. OBSESSION I tell ya. I love the Porthole. I wish my foyer looked like this.  Anyone else feel like they want to take a cruise all of the sudden?

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